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Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Mississippi


Event Information:

  • Tue

    Oxford Science Cafe

    6:00 pmHeartbreak Coffee, 265 North Lamar Blvd, Oxford, Mississippi

    Dr. Dawn Wilkins
    Department of Computer & Information Science
    University of Mississippi

    Machine Learning Applications to Science: Do's and Don’ts


    Machine Learning is a way to add intelligence to an application without explicitly programming it with knowledge. Instead, machine learning uses examples (data) as experience and builds a model of the implicit knowledge. The advantage of this approach is the speed at which an application can be developed and deployed. Machine learning models reduce human bias in making decisions and are not limited to problems with scope manageable by humans. On the other hand, there can be issues with the application of machine learning, including obtaining enough data, implicit biases, and difficulty in the interpretability and generalizability of the models.

    We will talk about what machine learning is, how it is used, and some of the pitfalls and ethical concerns.


    We are in-person!

    To join virtually via Zoom: 99989536748

    See this page for details.