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Department of Physics and Astronomy

University of Mississippi

LIGO Detection documentary premieres at UM

Almost one year has passed since the announcement of the first ever direct detection of gravitational waves, a historic “ripple in space-time” that proved Einstein right and opened a new field of astronomy.

To celebrate the first anniversary of LIGO’s detection, The Department of Physics and Astronomy invites the public the world premiere of the short film documentary “LIGO Detection” at Lewis Hall on February 6 at 6:00 PM.

In this, the third film about LIGO by filmmaker and visiting scientist Kai Staats, he investigates what unfolded between the incredible detection of merging black holes on September 14, and five months later, February 11, 2016 when LIGO announced the detection of merging black holes to the world.

LIGO Detection is the first documentary film released about the detection event of September 14, 2015. It features interviews with LIGO Scientific Collaboration members from Caltech and MIT, the voices of more than twenty LSC members who share their personal story of the day of detection, and the Media Event in D.C. as LIGO scientists explain the function of the detectors.

Doors open at 6:00. Light refreshments will be served. Show ends at 7:00 PM.
Free admission.