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Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Mississippi

Dr. Alakabha Datta

Photo of Dr. Datta

Office: 209 Lewis Hall

Phone: (662) 915-5611

Research Interests

I am interested in various areas of particle phenomenology. I work mostly in flavor physics but recently my interests have included topics in non-standard Higgs interactions and dark matter physics.

There is a huge amount of data from flavor experiments. The B factories at BABAR and BELLE have made many measurements in Flavor Changing Neutral Current Processes (FCNC) which are known to be very sensitive to new physics effects and new sources of CP violation which is required to explain the matter-antimatter asymmetry observed in nature. Most extensions of the Standard Model (SM) contain new CP violating phases, which do not have to be small as CP is not an exact or approximates symmetry of nature. Hence, discovery of non-SM CP violation phases is not unexpected. One of my main research interests is to analyze data from current and future B physics experiments to find evidence for new physics and to find the nature of this new physics.

I am also interested in top quark properties and in the search for beyond the SM effects in top production, top decay, single top production and rare top decays.

In the neutrino sector my interest is in the study of deviations from the tri-bimaximal mixing (TBM) for neutrinos. The purpose behind the study is to understand the symmetry behind the tri-bimaximal mixing and how it is broken to generate deviation from the TBM.

I am interested in the non-standard couplings of the Higgs to SM particles. I am involved in the study of the production and decays of additional Higgs bosons in various extensions of the SM. Finally, I am working on building models of dark matter to explain recent data from dark matter experiments.

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