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Department of Physics and Astronomy

University of Mississippi
Taylor Cabrera, Student Ambassador for the Department of Music
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Taylor Cabrera, Physics Student Ambassador

Taylor is an Ole Miss Provost Scholar and active in the Transfer Students Program, helping transfer college students make a seamless entry into life at UM. She gives back to the Oxford community by volunteering with the Boys and Girls Club.

Student Profile

Why did you choose the University of Mississippi?
The University of Mississippi is a place that fosters individual growth, giving everyone the chance to “blossom” in their college career in order to be competitive for grad schools and professional programs!

Did you come into college knowing what your major would be?
When I was at community college, I really thrived in my engineering and physics classes, so I decided to pursue physics at UM.

What’s your go-to meal in Oxford?
I cannot resist the spicy carnitas tacos from El Agave. The staff is so friendly. I’ve been there so many times, they always recognize me!

How long did it take you to find your friend group as a transfer student? Where did you meet your UM friends?
I made friends as soon as I got to campus. I was lucky enough to be chosen for a class called “Chancellor’s Transfer Leadership Class” in which I met a great group of transfer students that had similar experiences as myself! I met so many people who were going through the same adjustment that I was, and we had senior leaders in the class who acted as fabulous mentors for my experience here.

Research? Study abroad? Clubs?
I’m doing research with a professor as part of the Biology Undergraduate Research Program. This past summer, I studied abroad in Italy through the Department of Modern Languages to study Italian language and culture. It was an amazing and life changing experience! I am currently the campus correspondent and president of the Ole Miss chapter of Her Campus online magazine and volunteer in the 1+1 Transfer Mentorship Program.

Have you done any community service work at UM?
I worked with some transfer students my second year of the Transfer Leadership Organization to organize a Halloween scavenger hunt for the Boys and Girls Club of North Mississippi.

The College of Liberal Arts is a 5,000-student college within the larger university. What’s been the benefit of being a smaller community within a large one?
I really love being a part of the College of Liberal Arts because it’s such a diverse group with a broad range of majors. It’s amazing to meet new people because you learn something new every day.

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