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Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Mississippi

Graduate Students



Featured Student: Xinyue Gong

Xinyue Gong is a PhD student in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, whose research is in physical acoustics. Her research is focused on angular momentum-carrying acoustic waves, which are also known as acoustic vortex beams. Acoustic vortex beams have twisted wavefronts and have broad applications in underwater communications, particle manipulation, medical treatments and other areas. Her interest is the fundamental physics and new theories about vortex beams interacting with metasurfaces and she is also working on model simulations and experiments. Xinyue conducts her research at the National Center for Physical Acoustics (NCPA).Xinyue got her M.S. degree in acoustics in Jilin University in China in 2019. She started studying acoustics in 2016 and regards acoustics as a lifelong career. In addition to her usual research routine, she enjoys attending and presenting her research at physics and acoustics conferences such as the Acoustical Society of America meetings and the meetings of the American Physical Society which allows her to broaden her horizon and connect with researchers from the same area. In her spare time, she likes playing board games and baking.



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Current Students

Abeykoon, Madusanka
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Gong, Xinyue
Hettiarachchi, Dinura
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Khadse, Akshay
Khairnar, Aniket
Knutson, Noah
Kulkarni, Sumeet
Liang, Bin
Liu, Guoqin
Liu, He
Magaña Zertuche, Lorena
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Narayan, Purnima
Panta, Anil
Pandey, Kumar
Pokharel, Saroj
Prais, Luiz Ricardo

Rai, Milan
Rivest, Joseph
Rodriguez, Samuel
Rostami, Sina
Siedlecki, Ray
Singh, Amitesh
Sonia, Farhana Afrose
Stacy, Wil
Wang, Zhengwu
Yu, Byungchul