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Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Mississippi

Careers & Alumni

What can physics and astronomy majors do after graduation? Meet a few. Photo of physics and astronomy students in lab.

Physics Careers

Related careers in physics include healthcare, research & development, education, business, quality assurance, systems safety, military, energy resources, and law.

These careers illustrate the variety of places our graduates take their skills and talents:

Infographic with breakdown of alumni in different fields. Healthcare: 35%; Higher Ed: 22%; STEM 18%; Business/Finance: 7%; Govt/Miliary/1st Responders: 6%; Community/Non-Profit: 5% width=


Our graduates are…

  • Senior Technical Advisor, FedEx
  • Physician, Memorial Hospital Gulfport
  • Physician, Veterans Medical Center
  • Radiation Safety, St Thomas Hospitals
  • Ophthalmologist, Sierra Eye Assoc.
  • Ob-Gyn, Delta Medical Group
  • Physician, Vanderbilt Medical Center
  • Faculty, Yale School of Medicine
  • VP Instruction, Pearl River Comm. College
  • Faculty, Boston University
  • Researcher, Los Alamos National Lab
  • Aerospace engineer, NASA
  • Senior Research Fellow, DuPont
  • Physicist, Tenn. Valley Authority
  • Curriculum Dev., Science is Elementary
  • Bioinformatician, Max Planck Institute

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