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Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Mississippi

Kennon Observatory

The Kennon Observatory was constructed in 1939 and consists of two copper-roofed domes.


In the larger dome, is a refractor telescope that was purchased from the Sr. Howard Grubb Co. in 1893. It actually consists of 3 co-aligned visual and photographic telescopes; a fifteen-inch f/12 visual telescope, a nine-inch photographic telescope and a four-inch visual telescope.
Photos of the Grubb Refractor Telescope

Grubb Photo 1 Grubb Photo 2 Grubb Photo 3 stars
Grubb Photo 1a Grubb Photo 3a Grubb Photo 5 Grubb Photo 10

The smaller dome currently houses a seventeen-inch f/6.8 Plane Wave, Corrected Dall-Kirkham (CDK) reflector telescope (purchased through the Ole Miss Astronomy Legacy Project) with an electronic CCD camera, the SBIG ST10 with an AO-7 adaptive optics accessory, attached Paramount ME.
Photos of the Plane Wave CDK telescope with CCD Camera