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Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Mississippi


Event Information:

  • Tue

    Colloquium: Analogue Black Holes - Theory and Experiments

    4:00 pmLewis Hall 101

    Mauricio Richartz
    Centro de Matemática
    Universidade Federal do ABC — Brazil

    Analogue Black Holes: Theory and Experiments

    Analogue models of gravity, introduced by Unruh in 1981, have been (for some time now) very helpful towards a better theoretical understanding of several crucial phenomena at the boundary of gravity and quantum field theory. Experimental research on analogue models, however, started only very recently. In this talk, I will explain the basic theory behind analogue models of gravity and how they can be used to mimic important quantum field theory effects in curved spacetimes, like Hawking radiation. I will also focus on some experimental realizations of analogue models of gravity, including one based on surface waves propagating on water. which I have been involved with very recently (arXiv: 1612.06180).