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Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Mississippi


Event Information:

  • Tue

    Colloquium: Amplitude Analysis: A Powerful Tool for Hadron Spectroscopy

    4:00 pmLewis 101

    Jake Bennett
    Department of Physics
    Carnegie Mellon University

    Amplitude Analysis: A Powerful Tool for Hadron Spectroscopy

    Extracting useful information from experimental data is often far from straightforward. This is particularly true for studies in hadron spectroscopy that seek to determine the properties of constituent quark states. The presence of multiple, often broad, states leads to potentially intricate interference patterns that make the extraction of meaningful information challenging. Amplitude analysis is a powerful tool to disentangle the effects of interference and extract useful properties of hadronic states. This information is vital for a deeper understanding of the fundamental laws of nature. In this talk, I will review the experimental challenges that are associated with amplitude analysis, as well as its potential as a tool for hadron spectroscopy at Belle II.