Department of Physics and Astronomy

University of Mississippi

Astronomy Program

We do not have a major, but we offer introductory courses in astronomy and their associated labs. Students view planets, stars, constellations and learn to use the telescope. Students learn about the Origin of the Universe, the Big Bang, Galaxies, and Space exploration. We have implemented an astrophotography project, unique in the country, where students take spectacular images of nebulae, galaxies, and star clusters.

Physics Degree with emphasis in Astronomy

We are soon planning to offer a B.S. Degree with emphasis in Astronomy. Students first take the Astro 103 and Astro 104(H) elementary astronomy sequence in their freshman year.  Astro 104(H) is an honors astronomy class taught with an astrophotography laboratory. In the junior year  an advanced course in astrophysics Astro 325 (Phys 503) is taught. For students who have not taken Astro104(H) a senior astronomy research project is assigned, this course is cross listed with Phys 463/464 (Senior Research Projects). At the Graduate level we have courses in General Relativity and Gravitational Physics.


  • Tibor Torma, Director of The Kennon Observatory
  • Don Summers, Professor of Physics, Astro and Particle Physics Research
  • Luca Bombelli, Professor of Physics, Astro and Gravitational Physics Research
  • Jim Hill, Visiting Professor, Astronomy
  • Lalith Perera, Instructor, Astro and Particle Physics Research

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