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Featured Undergraduates: Fall 2019

B.S. Majors Radhakrishna Adhikari, Paul Gebeline, Sakul Mahat & Ming Zern Ngoh at the Belle II Summer School.

This feature is about 4 of our undergraduates, Radhakrishna Adhikari, Paul Gebeline, Sakul Mahat and Ming Zern Ngoh, who have been doing high energy physics research with Dr. Jake Bennett.

Students and faculty at Belle II summer school

Michel Villanueva (postdoc); Radhakrishna Adhikari, Ming Zern Ngoh, Sakul Mahat, Paul Gebeline (undergrads); Jake Bennett (assistant professor); Anil Panta (grad student).

Dr. Bennett works on the Belle II experiment and he took the 4 students as part of a larger group to the  2019 Belle II Summer School at Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island, NY.  The purpose of the School is to help students, postdocs, and more senior researchers get started and make progress on Belle II analyses, either studying a physics channel or studying detector performance. The School covers physics topics, computing, and Belle II software in a hands-on tutorial format.  Paul, Radhakrishna and Ming gave talks at the summer school as well as attending the sessions.  Click here to check out the UM Belle II research page.

We encourage all our students to do research with our faculty and staff.  Opportunities for great experiences are open to all our students in all our main research areas: atmospheric physics, condensed matter physics, gravitational physics, high energy physics and physical acoustics.  Projects are also available in digital electronics as well as other areas.  Students in the B.S. program are required to complete 2 credit hours of the physics research courses, Physics 463 and/or 464 and students in the B.A. program are encouraged to participate as well.  Students may talk to their academic advisors for help getting started or talk directly to the people in the research areas they are interested in.