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Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Mississippi

The Graduating Class of 2020 (III)

Class of 2020: Joseph Brown, Mollie Burkes, Taylor Cabrera, Taylor Martin, Anna Stevens, and Jarod Wright.

Graduates throwing caps into the air

Our graduating class of 2020 consists of the following 6 seniors.

  • Joseph Brown earned the bachelor of science in physics with a minor in computer science.    He was the secretary of the local chapter of the SPS (Society of Physics Students).  He is going on to graduate school in physics.
  • Mollie Burkes earned the bachelor of arts in physics.
  • Taylor Cabrera earned the bachelor of arts in physics as well as a bachelor of arts in biology with minors in chemistry and Italian.  Taylor was the student ambassador for the department during the 2019-2020 academic year.
  • Taylor Martin will earn the bachelor of arts in physics with a minor in psychology in August 2020.  He is interning as a data scientist.
  • Anna Stevens earned the bachelor of arts in physics with minors in mathematics and English.  She is employed as a data scientist.
  • Jarod Wright earned a bachelor of science in physics and mathematics.  He is going on to graduate school in mathematics.

We congratulate our graduating class and wish them the best.




We encourage all our students to do research with our faculty and staff. Opportunities for great experiences are open to all our students in all our main research areas: atmospheric physics, condensed matter physics, gravitational physics, high energy physics and physical acoustics. Projects are also available in digital electronics as well as other areas. Students in the B.S. program are required to complete 2 credit hours of the physics research courses, Physics 463 and/or 464 and students in the B.A. program are encouraged to participate as well.  Many students enjoy research and participate throughout their academic career outside of these courses.  Students may talk to their academic advisors for help getting started or talk directly to the people in the research areas they are interested in.